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Mango powder

Mango powder
Mango powder
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Product Code : GCT00107
Brand Name : GCT natures products
Product Description

Health benefits of Mangoes

Mango is extremely lower in saturated fats, cholesterol levels as well as sodium. Additionally it is loaded with soluble fiber as well as vitamin B6, along with a really good method to obtain vitamin A as well as vitamin C. It really is full of minerals just like potassium, magnesium as well as copper. Mangoes are probably the very best options for quercetin, beta-carotene, as well as astragalin. These types of effective anti-oxidants possess the capacity to neutralize the free radicals. Health conditions just like cardiovascular disease, early aging, most cancers as well as degenerative illnesses are caused by these types’ of free-radicals which usually damage the cells.

Maintains Blood pressure:

High blood pressure levels (or even Hypertension – HTN) is really a long-term situation which leads to numerous health issues just like cardiovascular disease, heart attack, heart stroke, kidney failure and much more.

Reduces cancer hazards & Lowers cholesterol levels:

Mango has got higher quantities of pectin, a dissolvable dietary fiber which effectively plays a role in reduced blood cholesterol levels. Pectin in addition stops you against getting cancer of the prostate.. Mango consists of keto acid, acetic acid which fits as an anti-cancer.

 Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Mango juice nourishes the body with plenty quantities of Vitamin C. The pectin as well as Vitamin C mix to facilitate the body in reducing the serum cholesterol levels, particularly Low-Density Lipoprotein.

The beta carotene content in the fruit implies that it considerably aids in preventing the development of heart disease both in the mother along with the child.

A few of the nutrients that are useful in enhancing blood flow like potassium and minerals are located in mango juice. It is always good in strengthening the outer skin cells as well as regulating their blood level.


Diabetes is actually a serious health problem that can’t be regarded as insignificant. It is seen as a surplus quantity of blood sugar within the body. The most typical reasons for diabetes consist of high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels as well as insulin resistance. Mango juice (without sugar) manages the sugar levels simply by normalizing levels of insulin, maintaining blood pressure level and reducing the bad cholesterols.